King's Lynn Male Voice Choir

Our Members
The male voice choir is split into four parts. These are called several different things but are all basically the same. They are as follows :

1st Tenor also known as Top Tenor
2nd Tenor
1st Bass Also know as Baritone
2nd Bass or bottom bass.

Below is a list of members and the parts that they sing.

1st Tenor
2nd Tenor
1st Bass
2nd Bass
David Athey
John Cairns
Brian Chase
Roger Clarke
Alan Brown
  Barry Williamson
Derek Chester
  John Bowden
Ian Jarrald
Ray Messam
Bernard Clampton
Ian Brown
John O'Connell
John Riches
Louis Smith
Frank Rippengill
Peter Regester
Norman Wilkinson
Ian Swinburn
Alan Miller
Fred Parkes
Gary Bramham
Adrian Loft